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Random design turku


Digital art. Testing my possibilities and imagination.

Random design turku


Branding and products.

Random design turku


Digital drawings.

Random design turku

3D modelling

Few of many.

Random design turku

Other models

Learning new; 3d printer, lasercut, leather and combinations

Inspiration is an unlimited power source.

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Who am I?

I am a random guy whos passion is creating. I am an industrial designer by education and I have educated myself with service design and design management. My interests are unlimited and I use todays technology to produce them. On the side I do art projects and consulting. In projects I am really easy to work with and I bring big value to every one of them.

I design products and services for businesses and private sector. I do creative work and consulting but mostly I have concentrated in user based service design. I also bring ideas in to life. In my work I value sustainability, truth, quality, aesthetics, positivity and shearing.

My artist statement is that I want to rise the unknown questions of life and show the movement of nature. Future and past is all connected in one present. I love the irony of everything. How everything is changing in the flow of energy but still we do everything to make something to last. Creativity and thinking are the forces and tools to shape up the future.

I believe the power of collaboration. Even small ideas have the power to grow if the people are behind it and believe ite.

..and my name is Hermanni Vuorisalo



Olen random-tyyppi ja intohimoni on luominen. Olen koulutukseltani Teollinen muotoilija ja olen koulututtautunut palvelumuotoilijaksi ja muotoilujohtajaksi. Kiinnostukseni ovat rajattomat ja käytän nykyteknologiaa niiden toteuttamiseen. Teen ohella erilaisia taideprojekteja ja koulutuksia. Kanssani on helppo työskennellä projekteissa.

Suunnittelen tuotteita tai palveluita yrityksille tai yksityille sektorille. Teen kaikenlaista luovaa työtä ja konsultointia, mutta olen keskittynyt palvelumuotoiluun. Tuon ideoita eloon konseptitasolla. Arvostan kestävyyttä, totuutta, laatua, estetiikkaa, positiivisuutta ja jakamista.

Uskon yhteistyön voimaan. Pienimmilläkin ideoilla on mahdollisuus kasvaa, kun tekijät ja ryhmä uskovat siihen mitä tekevät.

…ja nimeni on Hermanni Vuorisalo

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo da Vinci



..is visual and creative work;

Digital art, graphics, caricatures, posters, covers, 3D-modelling, game objects or software graphics, interior designs or creative directing.

I also do projects visual work or art direct the whole thing. If wanted I give creative consulting about visuality or teach how to find it.


..is more advanced service for starting businesses or existing companies that need a change or upgrade. Image building is a total experience design that reaches every level of the business and combines it in to a one working set of visual and functional identity. Design is based on the customers needs and companys own stategy and values. I-line is a companies master plan of visual identity.

Key words for searching how or what; Design thinking, design management, UX design, product design, master plan.

Results is a concept of visual identity and a strategy of managed company image;

  • Layout designs of recognizable profile in the market (brand; working product, logo, web, typograhpy, visual profile, plan of development ).
  • Designs of the productive part of company (service design;  behavior and communication research are gathered in to one for better function for customer service and to increase values of the company, marketing stategy and directions, all is reflected in the environment of the company)
  • Design master plan and instructions for change.

..is product design and product development. ”Brand” is the continuity of the product and this service is here to help you build yours. Designing overall brand creates more market value to your product or service when it is managed and developed with customer based design.

Key words for searching how or what : Industrial design, Design thinking, Branding, Product development

Results are concept layout of the product and brand;

  • Trademark and visual guidelines
  • Prototyping and user testing
  • Stategy of the products publication.

..is service design. Customer based design to improve companies services. Answering to customers needs and solving problems of inefficient service. Companies values and habits are turned in power source and designed all together with the environment and behavioral and communicational guidelines to support the companies identity. This service makes your service more efficient and increases the productivity.

Key words for searching how or what: Service design, UX design

Results are;

  • Consepts of working service and customer based reseach
  • Productivity instructions of parts included in the business and update design
  • This service can also provide a new service to backup the old one with new technological solutions or with application layout designing.
  • Companies working space visuality design, team effort, change and motivation



This kind of picture

Starting at

80€ + alv


For Startup Companies overall image building concept.


5600€ + alv

Negotiable change to shares
length 2,5 mo


Product development or branding concept.



3200€ + alv

length 1,5 mo


Small business service development project.

3200€ + alv

length 1,5 mo

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.



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I operate in Turku Finland. If you are interested of working with me just ask. If you are a creative person, we can create something together. Photographers, coders, visualists, designers, musicians, game developers, animators, idealists etc.. Let us build something never seen before.

If I can not help you with your project, I am sure I know someone who can..

If you have questions about my services or you need visual aid with something..

..send me message from the other tab.

  • +358 40 415 1726
  • Contact hours phone: 10 – 16
  • vuorisalo.hermanni[a]gmail.com

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